Breast Implant Problems and Risks

These pictures illustrate some of the complications that can occur with breast implants. Breast implants usually need to be replaced at least once every 10 years, and some women decide to just have them removed, which can lead to deformity

Hardening of tissue around the implant

I’m not a doctor and I don’t know exactly what these pictures are, but some thing has gone badly wrong with these implants.


leaking silicone breast implants

Deformity from breast implants.

this is an example of a breast implant scar

This is how breast implants look on an older woman. Doesn’t look very appealing. It seems like the skin has thinned out and it doesn’t look right.

this is another example of how breast implants look when people get older


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Capsular Contracture-Photos of Implant Deformity Risks

Capsular Contracture is one of the possible complications of breast augmentation. It is hardening of the breasts because of scar tissues forming around the implants.

View silicone holocaust page for Full Information on breast implant risks

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Celebrity breast implants gone wrong

These are some of the worst celebrity breast implant photos which show some of the complications that women can have from breast augmentation surgery. At least if they are rich they will have money to get the problems fixed.

Janet jackson looks like she is having problems with her implants here.

Tori spelling with abnormal looking breast implants


Jenna Jameson with one breast implant lower than the other

Victoria Beckham with implants that look hardened and unnatural

christina aguilera’s implants look unnatural and misshaped

tommy Lee with a woman who has a crease in the side of her breast possibly from a rupture or hardening.


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Are breast implants safer now than in the past?

The safety has improved a little bit but there are still many risks of complications

are saline breast implants safer than silicone breast implants?

saline is toxic to the body in the way that silicone is if the implant ruptures, but fungus bacteria can often grow inside saline implants which is not a nice thing to have inside the body. They also rupture frequently which requires additional surgery.

fungus inside a saline implant

are new silicone gel implants safer than the old silicone breast implants?

even the newest silicone gel implants still rupture frequently. they are not as liquified as the old ones, so they do not spread around the body as much, but it is still not nice to have a ruptured one inside you.

ruptured gel implant

Other issues

There is still the problem of a hard shell forming around the implant. breast implants can interfere with getting a mammogram. When there is a foriegn object inside the body it can cause unpredictable immune system reactions.

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Breast Implants Gone Wrong-Shocking Pictures

The risks of breast implants

Breast implants are not safe! They generally last from 5 to 15 years and they will most likely have to be replaced. If you put a foreign object inside your body, your body will tend to reject it. Breast implants can cause various kinds of immune system issues.

more pictures and stories of breast implants gone wrong
silicone holocaust website

Fungus growing inside of silicone and saline implants.

Hard shell formed over a breast implant and the implant ruptured also

ruptured and leaking breast implants

another breast augmentation complication called capsular constracture

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Breast Implant Pros and Cons


*It might help some peoples confidence.

*It might result in more attention from men.


*Heath complications:

breast implants usually fail within 10 to 15 years and need to be removed or replaced

implants can cause auto-immune reactions. this can result in unexplained illnesses

breast implants often develop a hard shell around them.

many more health problems

cost: getting breast implants is expensive, and it can potentially cost much more if there are complications.

Weight: breast implants are heavy and can cause back problems.

breast implants gone wrong – pictures

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